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Livid Instruments. Austin Texas.

31 May

In a conversation I had with JE of Mad Classy this past Sunday at the Headhunter show. I mentioned how excited I was on my new purchase of the APC-40. Man has that thing streamlined my work flow and helped me to further hone my production skill. With the advantage of having all the midi mapping already done for you it definitely packs some bang for your buck when it come to working with Ableton. Which brings me back to the conversation I had with JE. Livid Instruments has apparently graced the Mad Classy boys with one of their OHM 64 Midi Controllers ! I had heard rumors that the guys were planning on debuting a “Live” set of sorts and would imagine that they are going to put this controller to use! I cant wait to hear what they have to bring to the table, as I know amongst the three of them they posses some real talent. I would love to be able to get my hands on one to test drive it and maybe do a little comparison of the two units!


Mad Classy 2 Year Birthday Party! W/ Mala,LD & DJG

30 May

I know it’s three weeks away but this line up is GOOD! Last year was so packed you couldn’t get in that motherfucker! Pre-Sale tickets have been available so hopefully you didn’t miss out on your chance to get them HERE! You really don’t want to miss out on this if you are into Dubstep. Go befriend the Mad Classy Dj’s on facebook and check out this Scion Radio Interview with Mala!

Aceyalone w/Dj Chorizo Funk! @ Chupacabra

28 May

Man I am kinda pissed at myself for forgetting about this. I am booked to play a memorial day celebration house/complex party/shindig type thing. You should definitely check this out though! Find Ian and make him buy you a drink or harass him for some wooden drink tokens!

So you think you’re a track bike enthusiast?

27 May

I ride a track bike. Chances are it was made in Taiwan and they slapped some decals with a french sounding name on the painted frame and called it a day. I’m sure you could exchange said decals for any other manufacturer out there and 9 out of 10 people would not be able to tell the difference. The thing is that I really love my cheap Taiwanese knock off. Being the sophisticated gentleman that I am, I also appreciate true craftmanship. Much like that of Koichi Yamaguchi. How amazing would it be to learn how to build track frames by hand from a man who was the, “Master frame builder for the legendary “3 Rensho” company in Japan.” Well here is your chance Yamaguchi Frame Building School . You had better register now, the 2010 schedules are all booked up already. Click this link for his websit and to learn more about the man himself.,Yamaguchi Bikes to check out his site.Look At This!


26 May

So I got this thing in today! Super stoked on using it, I’ve been watching videos of people using it, people talking about it, people making their own presets about it and so forth! So now it’s my turn, shit I might even make a video of me using and talking about it. I’ve never posted a youtube video. Maybe now is the time!

Hot Fiya Fiya! Los Rakas!

26 May

I’m sure a lot of you may have heard of Los Rakas but I’m willing to bet a lot more of you have not! Now I don’t speak enough Spanish to understand everything they are talking about here, but I know enough about good music to be able to share this with you and hope you enjoy it as well. This first video is from a mixtape that they put out in 2006 called “Panabay Twist”. The second video is a more current one that as far as I can tell was released about a week ago! If you are into blends of Hip Hop, Reggae and Dancehall music with Spanish and English lyricism then Los Rakas is what you are looking for. I hope that they get to make the venture to Austin soon. Until then check out these videos.

pic by: x veliani

The Sophisticated Gentleman.

25 May

Well not really. Although I must say I have quite a palate for the finer things in life. I am up late listening to music and contemplating the value of the things that I spend my hard earned cash on. Seeing as how I am the drinking type. The type that you could categorize as moderate to heavy, I realize that I spend a lot of my dough on brew. So I googled “monthly beer clubs” and found this pretty dope site. It has this “Whatever, Whenever” option where you can choose a combination of any of their clubs. They have beer,wine,cigars,cheese, etc. So I’m thinking I am going to put together my own package.

The International & Domestic Variety Beer Club-This club offers twelve, 12-oz. beers from two different lightly distributed U.S. and two different international breweries! Each shipment includes four different beer styles [three bottles of two different domestic beers and three bottles of two different international beers] and their monthly newsletter.

The Premier Wine Series-Brings you select wines that retail in the $15-25 dollar per bottle range and you have a choice of two reds, two whites, or a combination of both.

The Premier Cigar Club-Will send you a portfolio of five professionally selected, hand rolled cigars, in a wide variety of lengths, gauges, wrapper types, and tobacco blends.

It’s a little pricey but when weighed against the amount of drinking that I do in bars the numbers aren’t that bad. Besides it’ll give me something to look forward to and write about each month.

Night Fever! Vol. 1 “Hip Hop” w/ Dj Numark & Dj Mel

24 May

The homies Jeff Strange of Strangetribe Productions and Papa Chop of Soul of The Boot Entertainment , have linked up with Wax Poetics to bring you Night Fever! This is going to be an amazing show I can feel it. Saturday May 29th at The Scoot Inn! Five bucks gets your girl in and you pay ten. The First fifty people will get a free issues of Wax Poetic magazine! Friends of Sound Records will be on the inside hosting a record fair, with an early set provided by their own Dj Coolhands! You can even RSVP on for a chance to win free tickets! Be sure to be there. This is one of the most well put together events I have seen in Austin for a while and it’s gonna be a damn monthly series! Check out the flyer design by the homie Dj Orion of Raw Word Records Night Fever!

Sales Engineer…..WTF?!?!

23 May

So I work alot right. They pay me for it. Finally I’m gonna spend some loot on shit that I want that is not Beer. I woke up this morning all stoked on being able to order this gear, which I thought I did correctly. Being the intellectual human being that I am with two hands and eight fingers, and two  opposable thumbs. I took it upon myself to navigate my way through the internet to the web page that contains the objects of my current desire. Upon reaching said page I fill up my virtual shopping cart with the shit that I wanted to purchase, fill out all the god damn info on my shipping/billing address and billing info, hit the button and WHAMMO! Shits done. I should have my new gear coming in the mail in a day or so…. Or so I thought. I left the house and rode my bike to work leaving my phone behind. I have been doing this alot lately, I got a new sense of appreciation for not being able to be reached all the time. Fast forward ten hours and another eight miles home. I let my dog out, drink some water, and check my phone. I realize I have a new voice mail, in a voice mailbox that I haven’t even set up yet. There went another five minutes of my life. Finally I get the shit set up and check the voice mail. Its a fucking “Sales Engineer” from the website stating his realization that, I’m a first time customer and they appreciate my business and would like to confirm whether or not these are the items I want to purchase and that they have the correct billing info and shipping address!  Now don’t get me wrong this pretty cute gesture on their part.  For fucks sake though! You would think that since I took the time to utilize my fancy fucking hands to point and click, type numbers and agree to terms of service and all that bullshit on top of general common sense. That I would be pretty fucking sure that this is the shit I want, and I want it delivered to my house and charged to my credit card!! FUCK!!  So now it’s sunday and these assholes aren’t open until monday. So I gotta wait to call Senior Sales Engineer to confirm all of this bullshit. SHITFUCKASS!

Happy Fucking Birthday Fast Folks!

21 May

I wanted to share this before I left for work. I wish I could be there seeing as how they are gonna have Free Food, Free Beer, A Bike Wash and a Premier of Death Pedal 2! Should be fun check it out if you can!