Being Sick Sucks.

20 May

So I get off of work last night and start to mash towards downtown on my bike. I’m getting winded superfast and sweating like a pig at a butcher shop. I pass up all of my favorite spots and finally get home. My dogs looking at me shitty, my room mates banging beats out in his room and I’m all feeling like shit. I come upstairs and try to pass out, when not five minutes later I have to get up cause I am puking in my mouth. This whole cold and sweating or hot with the goose bumps cycle begins and I continue to puke pretty much every hour on the hour through out the night. Shit sucks and continues on all through today. I had to call into work sick cause I was afraid I might puke or who knows what else all over something.  So here I am typing this bullshit, when I am supposed to be getting off of work and headed downtown to catch the L.A.X Ep release party where my room mate is dj’ing. Fuck. I hate being sick.


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