Sales Engineer…..WTF?!?!

23 May

So I work alot right. They pay me for it. Finally I’m gonna spend some loot on shit that I want that is not Beer. I woke up this morning all stoked on being able to order this gear, which I thought I did correctly. Being the intellectual human being that I am with two hands and eight fingers, and two  opposable thumbs. I took it upon myself to navigate my way through the internet to the web page that contains the objects of my current desire. Upon reaching said page I fill up my virtual shopping cart with the shit that I wanted to purchase, fill out all the god damn info on my shipping/billing address and billing info, hit the button and WHAMMO! Shits done. I should have my new gear coming in the mail in a day or so…. Or so I thought. I left the house and rode my bike to work leaving my phone behind. I have been doing this alot lately, I got a new sense of appreciation for not being able to be reached all the time. Fast forward ten hours and another eight miles home. I let my dog out, drink some water, and check my phone. I realize I have a new voice mail, in a voice mailbox that I haven’t even set up yet. There went another five minutes of my life. Finally I get the shit set up and check the voice mail. Its a fucking “Sales Engineer” from the website stating his realization that, I’m a first time customer and they appreciate my business and would like to confirm whether or not these are the items I want to purchase and that they have the correct billing info and shipping address!  Now don’t get me wrong this pretty cute gesture on their part.  For fucks sake though! You would think that since I took the time to utilize my fancy fucking hands to point and click, type numbers and agree to terms of service and all that bullshit on top of general common sense. That I would be pretty fucking sure that this is the shit I want, and I want it delivered to my house and charged to my credit card!! FUCK!!  So now it’s sunday and these assholes aren’t open until monday. So I gotta wait to call Senior Sales Engineer to confirm all of this bullshit. SHITFUCKASS!


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