The Sophisticated Gentleman.

25 May

Well not really. Although I must say I have quite a palate for the finer things in life. I am up late listening to music and contemplating the value of the things that I spend my hard earned cash on. Seeing as how I am the drinking type. The type that you could categorize as moderate to heavy, I realize that I spend a lot of my dough on brew. So I googled “monthly beer clubs” and found this pretty dope site. It has this “Whatever, Whenever” option where you can choose a combination of any of their clubs. They have beer,wine,cigars,cheese, etc. So I’m thinking I am going to put together my own package.

The International & Domestic Variety Beer Club-This club offers twelve, 12-oz. beers from two different lightly distributed U.S. and two different international breweries! Each shipment includes four different beer styles [three bottles of two different domestic beers and three bottles of two different international beers] and their monthly newsletter.

The Premier Wine Series-Brings you select wines that retail in the $15-25 dollar per bottle range and you have a choice of two reds, two whites, or a combination of both.

The Premier Cigar Club-Will send you a portfolio of five professionally selected, hand rolled cigars, in a wide variety of lengths, gauges, wrapper types, and tobacco blends.

It’s a little pricey but when weighed against the amount of drinking that I do in bars the numbers aren’t that bad. Besides it’ll give me something to look forward to and write about each month.


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