So you think you’re a track bike enthusiast?

27 May

I ride a track bike. Chances are it was made in Taiwan and they slapped some decals with a french sounding name on the painted frame and called it a day. I’m sure you could exchange said decals for any other manufacturer out there and 9 out of 10 people would not be able to tell the difference. The thing is that I really love my cheap Taiwanese knock off. Being the sophisticated gentleman that I am, I also appreciate true craftmanship. Much like that of Koichi Yamaguchi. How amazing would it be to learn how to build track frames by hand from a man who was the, “Master frame builder for the legendary “3 Rensho” company in Japan.” Well here is your chance Yamaguchi Frame Building School . You had better register now, the 2010 schedules are all booked up already. Click this link for his websit and to learn more about the man himself.,Yamaguchi Bikes to check out his site.Look At This!


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