Livid Instruments. Austin Texas.

31 May

In a conversation I had with JE of Mad Classy this past Sunday at the Headhunter show. I mentioned how excited I was on my new purchase of the APC-40. Man has that thing streamlined my work flow and helped me to further hone my production skill. With the advantage of having all the midi mapping already done for you it definitely packs some bang for your buck when it come to working with Ableton. Which brings me back to the conversation I had with JE. Livid Instruments has apparently graced the Mad Classy boys with one of their OHM 64 Midi Controllers ! I had heard rumors that the guys were planning on debuting a “Live” set of sorts and would imagine that they are going to put this controller to use! I cant wait to hear what they have to bring to the table, as I know amongst the three of them they posses some real talent. I would love to be able to get my hands on one to test drive it and maybe do a little comparison of the two units!


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