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Night Fever! Vol. 2 “Soul” With Rich Medina & The Lost Soul Revue!!

18 Jun

My intention is not to turn into a party blog. There are already folks in Austin doing just that. I do want to make you aware of the fact that I am going to support my friends and the things that I am into. With that being said. Mother Effin Jeff Strange and ya man Papa Chop are at it again this week. With their Night Fever! series. This time around they bring you SOUL. Provided by one Mr. Rich Medina!. If you were at the first installment of Night Fever you know you’re gonna dig this. So get on down to the Scoot Inn this Saturday and have some fun ya’ll!


Go befriend Rich Medina on facebook.


Knuckle Rumbler & Scion Present: Chronic Vibrations.

12 Jun

These guys just don’t stop and I love it. Mi amigos on the decks again Prince Klassen and Orion. I can’t wait to hear the ridiculous shit that they come up with at this versus party. Check out the links below: RSVP there for discounted entry.

Knuckle Rumbler For the official info.


9 Jun

These things are titts in my opinion. The website has so much info and videos of some scary dude demonstrating their use for you. You should check these units out if you are into making music all though they are not aimed at the budget minded individual. Regardless they look amazing and sound amazing. Check them out here Elektron

Knuckle Rumbler brings us Maluca!!

4 Jun

Ah shit god damn! I have been waiting for this to happen for a minute now. Maluca is in my opinion one of the freshest artists out there today. Plus we got Orion and Dubbel Dutch opening up for her. Sure you can go see Kid Sister, I’m saving all of my excitement for the hot shit. Go check out Knuckle Rumbler for the offical post on the show, and check out this video and get hype on this shit, it is going to be a blast!

Peligrosa w/Disco Shawn of Bersa Discos!

4 Jun

One Half of Bersa Discos and the founder of Tormenta Tropical brings the heat to Austin one night only at Club Deville! You can RSVP on the facebook event page here to let us know your sexy ass is gonna be there! Check out Disco Shawn on myspace, or follow his tweets here! Also don’t forget to show your local boys Peligrosa some love! Also get yourself in front of the homie Quito’s camera and become immortalized. Check his shit out here !

Major Lazer x La Roux = LAZERPROOF

2 Jun

I got this in an email from the MAD DECENT mailing list today! I know there are a ton of people out there that are still really into La Roux and the simple fact that Major Lazer is made up of Diplo and Switch pretty much makes them unfuckoffable. Get the LAZERPROOF mix from this link. It’s really good.Lazerproof

Open Labs. Austin Texas.

1 Jun

Shortly after I wrote the post about the Ohm 64 by Livid Instruments. I remembered that there was another bad ass company here in good ole Austin Texas that makes some fine music machinery. These things are a little out of my price range but I have seen a few of them in action. They are also used by the likes of Timbaland and Lil’ John. I’ve never had the privilege of being able to use one. So the best I can do is provide you with a link to their site so that you can check them out for yourself! Open Labs .

Livid Instruments. Austin Texas.

31 May

In a conversation I had with JE of Mad Classy this past Sunday at the Headhunter show. I mentioned how excited I was on my new purchase of the APC-40. Man has that thing streamlined my work flow and helped me to further hone my production skill. With the advantage of having all the midi mapping already done for you it definitely packs some bang for your buck when it come to working with Ableton. Which brings me back to the conversation I had with JE. Livid Instruments has apparently graced the Mad Classy boys with one of their OHM 64 Midi Controllers ! I had heard rumors that the guys were planning on debuting a “Live” set of sorts and would imagine that they are going to put this controller to use! I cant wait to hear what they have to bring to the table, as I know amongst the three of them they posses some real talent. I would love to be able to get my hands on one to test drive it and maybe do a little comparison of the two units!

Mad Classy 2 Year Birthday Party! W/ Mala,LD & DJG

30 May

I know it’s three weeks away but this line up is GOOD! Last year was so packed you couldn’t get in that motherfucker! Pre-Sale tickets have been available so hopefully you didn’t miss out on your chance to get them HERE! You really don’t want to miss out on this if you are into Dubstep. Go befriend the Mad Classy Dj’s on facebook and check out this Scion Radio Interview with Mala!

Aceyalone w/Dj Chorizo Funk! @ Chupacabra

28 May

Man I am kinda pissed at myself for forgetting about this. I am booked to play a memorial day celebration house/complex party/shindig type thing. You should definitely check this out though! Find Ian and make him buy you a drink or harass him for some wooden drink tokens!