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Bikinis & Board Shorts. A Social Ride.

17 Jun

I never get to go on any of the social rides here in Austin, seeing as how most of them take place on thursday nights and I am at work. Some one had the great idea of having one on a monday night. I am off on mondays. GREAT IDEA! This one they are going to meet up on the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge around 7:30pm and depart around 8pm. Have a leisurely ride around town and head on down to the Scoot Inn located at 1308 East 4th Street. Where there will be a GIANT INFLATABLE SLIP N SLIDE, Kiddie Pools, Photobooth, Free Skee Ball, $1 LONESTARS, Drink Specials and Happy Hour All Night Long. Sounds fun to me.
Check out the facebook invite here for most of the same information and rsvp if you are interested in joining.


Tubular Tuesdays.

15 Jun

Don’t forget to go by Fast Folks today if you need to pick up some tubes for your whip. They got ’em for $2.50 a piece every Tuesday. So stop in and say whats up to Nat and the crew and cop your self some fresh rubbers. FastFolks is located @ 2513 A. EAST 6TH. ST. AUSTIN, TEXAS 78702. You can also call and harass them at this number here. (512) 524-8260. Enjoy!!

Track Supermarket.

14 Jun

Man am I psyched on this shit. Most of the frames on this dudes web site are being restocked. I emailed him to check whether or not a certain frame with a ‘effin flip flop paint job would be available in the near future. Waiting for a response. Fuck cars. Check this out if you are into track

Selle Anatomica

8 Jun

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one of these saddles for the longest time. I have yet to see anyone riding one. There is a little underseat video of one in action. I watched it, and felt a little weird while doing so. Check out the site and read up on this saddle. I am pretty sure I’m gonna scoop one up in the near future!

Selle Anatomica

So you think you’re a track bike enthusiast?

27 May

I ride a track bike. Chances are it was made in Taiwan and they slapped some decals with a french sounding name on the painted frame and called it a day. I’m sure you could exchange said decals for any other manufacturer out there and 9 out of 10 people would not be able to tell the difference. The thing is that I really love my cheap Taiwanese knock off. Being the sophisticated gentleman that I am, I also appreciate true craftmanship. Much like that of Koichi Yamaguchi. How amazing would it be to learn how to build track frames by hand from a man who was the, “Master frame builder for the legendary “3 Rensho” company in Japan.” Well here is your chance Yamaguchi Frame Building School . You had better register now, the 2010 schedules are all booked up already. Click this link for his websit and to learn more about the man himself.,Yamaguchi Bikes to check out his site.Look At This!

Happy Fucking Birthday Fast Folks!

21 May

I wanted to share this before I left for work. I wish I could be there seeing as how they are gonna have Free Food, Free Beer, A Bike Wash and a Premier of Death Pedal 2! Should be fun check it out if you can!