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Snack Bonding – Cock ‘n Bull Ginger Beer

7 Jul

Since I do not drink any sort of alcoholic beverage, my self appointed duty for The BBTB is to cover beers of the Root & Ginger sort.

Starting off this section with a banger. Cock ‘N Bull is by far my favorite ginger beer to date. I first had one of these maybe three years ago when I found it at Central Market, and try to treat myself with one from time to time, as I don’t want the magic to go away. On first drink you immediately get a sharp bite followed by a light sweetness that nicely counteracts the gingery goodness.

The history of the brew reaches across the world from Moscow to New York to Hollywood where it was served from the restaurant of the same name. Founded by Jack Morgan, the Sunset Strip restaurant was favored among celebrities & non celebrities with a common bond of its English styled interior and good food. Morgan has been credited for popularizing Vodka in America with the mixture of the spicy ginger brew mixed with Vodka, called the Moscow Mule.

You can see the bottling process here (warning: kind of boring), Cock ‘n Bull Bottling.

This is my favorite ginger beer currently and I wanted set things in motion correctly for this side of Snack Bonding.


Snack Bonding pt 1 – Julio’s Corn Chips

21 Jun

So the homie Jeremy, creator of this blog, finally got me on here and I just wanted to welcome myself and let you know my first point of business.

Jeremy and I had a little discovery together a few months back and I called it Snack Bonding. Basically we were eating Pringles, some type of cookie, and well, another flavor of Pringles, and now that I think about it Fig Newtons as well. F*ck.

I am a total snacker, so this weekly post is dedicated to snacks I can’t live without and snacks I will soon learn I can’t live without.

We start off Snack Bonding with Julio’s Corn Chips. These chips were first introduced to me when I moved to Austin and well 90 bags later, here we are. I will tell you straight off, the reason these chips are so good is because they are covered in MSG. So they are basically making you think they are delicious, but in reality they might taste like butthole of any sort.

Regardless of what is on them, they taste amazing and once you have one, GAME OVER.

I am pretty sure these are only found in Texas, so to those national readers, holler at a player about these when you’re in town.

Learn more about Senor Julio Garcia and his Chip Factory.