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Snack Bonding pt 1 – Julio’s Corn Chips

21 Jun

So the homie Jeremy, creator of this blog, finally got me on here and I just wanted to welcome myself and let you know my first point of business.

Jeremy and I had a little discovery together a few months back and I called it Snack Bonding. Basically we were eating Pringles, some type of cookie, and well, another flavor of Pringles, and now that I think about it Fig Newtons as well. F*ck.

I am a total snacker, so this weekly post is dedicated to snacks I can’t live without and snacks I will soon learn I can’t live without.

We start off Snack Bonding with Julio’s Corn Chips. These chips were first introduced to me when I moved to Austin and well 90 bags later, here we are. I will tell you straight off, the reason these chips are so good is because they are covered in MSG. So they are basically making you think they are delicious, but in reality they might taste like butthole of any sort.

Regardless of what is on them, they taste amazing and once you have one, GAME OVER.

I am pretty sure these are only found in Texas, so to those national readers, holler at a player about these when you’re in town.

Learn more about Senor Julio Garcia and his Chip Factory.


BUFF DISS=Dope Tape Art.

18 Jun

I don’t know a lot about this artist other then the fact that he is some how associated with the cats over at I wish I could find out more about this dude! I can’t so here is a link to his Flickr. Here is a video of dude in action as well.

Night Fever! Vol. 2 “Soul” With Rich Medina & The Lost Soul Revue!!

18 Jun

My intention is not to turn into a party blog. There are already folks in Austin doing just that. I do want to make you aware of the fact that I am going to support my friends and the things that I am into. With that being said. Mother Effin Jeff Strange and ya man Papa Chop are at it again this week. With their Night Fever! series. This time around they bring you SOUL. Provided by one Mr. Rich Medina!. If you were at the first installment of Night Fever you know you’re gonna dig this. So get on down to the Scoot Inn this Saturday and have some fun ya’ll!


Go befriend Rich Medina on facebook.

Bikinis & Board Shorts. A Social Ride.

17 Jun

I never get to go on any of the social rides here in Austin, seeing as how most of them take place on thursday nights and I am at work. Some one had the great idea of having one on a monday night. I am off on mondays. GREAT IDEA! This one they are going to meet up on the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge around 7:30pm and depart around 8pm. Have a leisurely ride around town and head on down to the Scoot Inn located at 1308 East 4th Street. Where there will be a GIANT INFLATABLE SLIP N SLIDE, Kiddie Pools, Photobooth, Free Skee Ball, $1 LONESTARS, Drink Specials and Happy Hour All Night Long. Sounds fun to me.
Check out the facebook invite here for most of the same information and rsvp if you are interested in joining.

Tubular Tuesdays.

15 Jun

Don’t forget to go by Fast Folks today if you need to pick up some tubes for your whip. They got ’em for $2.50 a piece every Tuesday. So stop in and say whats up to Nat and the crew and cop your self some fresh rubbers. FastFolks is located @ 2513 A. EAST 6TH. ST. AUSTIN, TEXAS 78702. You can also call and harass them at this number here. (512) 524-8260. Enjoy!!

Track Supermarket.

14 Jun

Man am I psyched on this shit. Most of the frames on this dudes web site are being restocked. I emailed him to check whether or not a certain frame with a ‘effin flip flop paint job would be available in the near future. Waiting for a response. Fuck cars. Check this out if you are into track

Knuckle Rumbler & Scion Present: Chronic Vibrations.

12 Jun

These guys just don’t stop and I love it. Mi amigos on the decks again Prince Klassen and Orion. I can’t wait to hear the ridiculous shit that they come up with at this versus party. Check out the links below: RSVP there for discounted entry.

Knuckle Rumbler For the official info.

Double Down Lounge. East 6th. Austin Texas.

11 Jun

I just recently caught wind of a fresh east side renovation. Tucked away on the corner of Pedernales and E. 6th st. 515 Pedernales
to be exact. I have heard rumors of a great juke box, an outdoor patio and some wicked two for one priced drinks during happy hour. Unfortunately I can not personally make it out until monday or tuesday. So if you find yourself on the east side stop by and check it out.!! This is a link to their site with some photos of the renovation that took place and what not. Double Down Lounge

The Chimay Review.

10 Jun

Chimay is one of seven breweries that are allowed to have their products display the Authentic Trappist Product logo:

Chimay is a Trappist ale that is brewed at the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Scourmont in Belgium. Where they are also well-known for their Chimay branded cheese. In 2004 Chimay was the leading brand of Trappist brew, producing around 123,000 hectoliters. A hectoliter is a metric unit of volume or capacity equal to 100 liters. That is a lot of beer. Chimay is also more widely exported and distributed than the six other trappist producers of the World. Chimay has been a long time favorite of mine. Typically I buy the corked 750ml bottle, which I would usually drink directly out of the bottle in my earlier experiences with it. Now I tend to be a little more sophisticated and enjoy it out of a proper wide mouthed goblet.

Chimay produces four beers, but only exports its three unique brews that are named for the color of their respective labels. Their flagship is the Chimay Rouge a Trappist Dubbel style beer with 7% alcohol by volume. The beer is dark brown with a very pleasing aroma. I’ve heard it referenced to dried pears or prunes. The Chimay Bleue, is a strong-dark ale with little more complexity and flavoring with 9% alcohol by volume. The Chimay Blanche is lighter in color and 8% alcohol by volume. It is a tripel ale that pours a deep-yellow contrasted by a white head with great aroma and a very crisp finish!

I still don’t have a camera in my possession, so I stole the image above. That in hand lead me to the discovery of Chimay’s fourth brew.
Which is Chimay Dorée (Golden), it is a 4.8% alcohol by volume ale, that is brewed from very similar ingredients as the Red, but paler and spiced differently. It is a patersbier, intended only to be drunk at the abbey or at the nearby inn Auberge de Poteaupré which is associated with the abbey. The monks themselves drink this variety rather than the stronger three. The Dorée is not sold commercially and the rare bottles which make their way out are through unofficial sources. Even the brewery’s own web site makes no mention of this variety.
Personally the Rouge is my favorite and I give it a 9/10 in comparison to the others only due to it having the lowest ABV percentage. I think it would be really cool to get a hold of their Patersbier to experience what the Monks are drinking!


9 Jun

These things are titts in my opinion. The website has so much info and videos of some scary dude demonstrating their use for you. You should check these units out if you are into making music all though they are not aimed at the budget minded individual. Regardless they look amazing and sound amazing. Check them out here Elektron